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Building reconstruction Our company performs a wide range of building reconstruction projects. All construction works are performed by our skilled professionals, covering the full range of building crafts.
Industrial constructions We perform quality building deliveries for all types of industrial, production or storage developments - erecting concrete, monolithic, prefabricated, steel and wooden structures.
Residential housing
We can custom-build your family house on a turn-key basis including all necessary crafts and professions. The building and installation works are delivered by our skilled professionals.
Regeneration of residential blocks We deliver complete regeneration projects for concrete apartment blocks, residential houses and other objects. The main aim of such projects is to improve the technical condition of the buildings and implement energy-saving measures.
Flat roofs We will provide quality reconstruction of your flat roof, including insulation, external plumbing, metalwork, installation of lightning rods and their regular revision. We have our own skilled professionals experienced in delivering polyresin and plastic insulation solutions.
Slanted roofs We will provide quality delivery of all types of slanted roofs (pitched, double-pitched, pent, hip, tent and mansard roofs) including all related carpentry, metalwork and external plumbing, installation of lightning rods and their regular revision.

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Unitip s.r.o. Hradec Králové is a building corporation with a long tradition, serving customers since its establishment in 1991. Unitip is a purely Czech company delivering production and installation projects. Our ever-increasing production builds on knowledge, expertise, and many years of experience on the market.

UNITIP s.r.o. is active all over the Czech Republic, with two independent divisions:

Our mission:
To deliver quality own products and serve our customers with due care and professional warranty and post-warranty service.




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